Amazing Additional Small Group Classes

Are you needing a little extra push to reach your fitness goals?

At Beachbodies Health Club we have your sorted. For a fraction of the cost of Personal Training sessions, you can join our small group PT classes which take place in our Rock Box frequently and at various times.  These sessions can incorporate various exercises which utilise and strengthen your whole body. For more information on costs and how to join these classes, please see the staff at reception.

TRX Suspension training classes are also now on offer in the Club. TRX Group Training Sessions utilises your own body weight in each exercise, allowing you to choose the level of intensity that is right for you. In these training sessions you will challenge your body whilst toning and building strength. These classes are also great for increasing your flexibility and balance. TRX classes are run at Beachbodies every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with our TRX certified trainer Sherri. These classes are suitable for every fitness level, so come down and see reception for further details, times and availabilities.