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Things you need to know...

Dust off your active wear and tie up your laces


  • You MUST BRING A TOWEL! We have a “no towel, no workout” policy
  • Members MUST book into your chosen classes to ensure availability (if the classes are too small they will be cancelled)
  • If you are unable to attend a class contact reception or remove yourself from the class (so others don’t miss out!)
  • After using the equipment, ensure it is put back where you got it from
  • Wipe down the equipment after use
  • Ensure you sign in using your Beachbodies club tag – No exceptions, you must sign in
  • If you are a Fitness Passport Member, please ensure you have scanned your fitness passport and have filled in relevant paperwork
  • We do have a 28 day cancellation policy (refer to your membership documentation or ask our friendly team)
  • We require all cancellations to be in writing, emails are accepted
  • Please ensure you are not letting non 24 hour members into the gym after hours, the gym is monitored for the safety of its members and camera footage is reviewed daily
  • There is a DURESS alarm in the gym, this is for duress calls when there are no staff present. If this is set off, a fee may be incurred. Please ensure you know where it is located and our evacuation plan
Opening hours:


5am – 6.30pm


5am – 2pm


6.30am – 12pm  



Group fitness classes- 

Maximum number of 30 people

bookings required

Cycle room classes

Maximum number of 22 people

bookings required

Cost for a casual visit: $15 per entry
24/7 access is unavailable for casual visits and under 18’s

Fitness Passport: 
Fitness Passport 
Please ensure you scan on entry and also scan in with your BB club barcode to ensure you are covered by our insurance

24 hour access is available for an extra charge